I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the last week of May this year for a business trip, and I couldn’t resist making time to watch a match. Argentines live and breathe football; we have a lot in common! I found out from the locals that there was a championship game coming up on the 29th of May, so I squeezed it into my schedule just before my flight back home.

Although I am a neutral spectator in Argentine football, I got to watch the San Lorenzo vs Lanus match and couldn’t help but root for the home team. It was San Lorenzo’s turf and I expected an advantage. That, however, quickly proved untrue. A certain Paraguayan midfielder named Miguel Almiron set the tone of the game as he took the ball in his own half and took off running. Lanus maintained their edge throughout the game. Jose Sand and Lautaro Acosta were also two of the most notable players of the game. They had a solid defense, and Almiron coaxed excellent play from among his teammates. They doubled their lead in the scond half through his long range strike before both Sand and Acosta put the glodd in their victory.

I could see it was a horrifying loss for the los Cuervos, as fans dub San Lorenzo. Like most defeats, some seem to blame it on their manager, Pablo Guede, and his style of management. However, I later on learned that Lanus has been performing excellently all season and their win was well-deserved. It is their second Argentine league title, the first one being back in 2007.

This experience was a great on for me, seeing such atmosphere in the Argentinian football scene. The match was electric. I could certainly attest that football fans all over the world are much the same, football makes us come alive.