With English’s most recent crash in Euro2016 being labelled internationally as a disgraceful exit, what will be the end for the England National Team? With the nation in crisis, losing to Iceland, which is the smallest nation to ever enter a big tournament, seems to be a disappointing cherry on top. Fans and critics alike are embarrassed.  This is more so because England has no apparent lack of talent. In fact, England enjoys plenty of talent in midfield and attack. Not so with defense, but overall, the team has a lot of potential and talent to work with.

Many speculate that England’s lack of tactics and solid defense was detrimental to this disgraceful loss. They failed to deliver under pressure, made a series of bad decisions, ill-considered passes, and generally were too frantic and with too much urgency. Iceland, on the other hand, was solid in their defense and took quick breaks, and it worked to their advantage. This seems to be a trend even in many previous England teams.

England has a long record of not making it in the big tournaments, but this is a whole new low. In the 1950 World Cup, England lost to the United States 1-0. Many such losses in the big leagues have accorded England with a hall of infamy, and have resulted to several managers’ resignations. This recent failure has, once again, done it for Roy Hodgson. Personally, however, I think that it was his inability to configure the team’s talent well that caused the buildup, or should I say let down, to this loss.

It is never good to write off anything just yet, but this particular defeat is very disappointing. With England’s record failure to succeed in international big tournaments, it may be too much to expect for a win in the near future, but we can certainly hope for it.