Football is the world’s greatest sport, not doubt about it. The energy, the competition, and the crowds – that is what makes every game electric and what draws people to watch the matches. Personally, I have loved football since my older cousins brought me to a match when I was 8 years old. They would always talk about football at home and I would just listen, so when they finally took me to one, I was caught up.

Football is a game of skill, discipline, and of popularity as well. All those factors balance each other out. You play with great skill, people come and watch, but you have to be disciplined in the pitch as well.

I have always been an Arsenal fan, like the rest of my family. I see a team that plays on, off season and all, wins and losses, for the love of football. Throughout its long history, Arsenal has one of the best legacies in the world of football. Of course, the club has its fair share of disappointments, but we Arsenal fans stick by our lads! Here’s why:

  1. They play good football. Arsenal plays with style and flair, and can outplay anyone in their best days. Excellent movement and passing is the mark of Arsenal. Discipline is also very evident, with no history of scandals and match-fixing. This team is all-in-one!
  2. They are often the underdog. Media more often than not overlooks Arsenal, but they play on and nobody can ever get rid of them! Hustling since 1886, that’s what they do. They never fail to deliver! Bad times come, but the comeback is always more than what people expect. Underestimated, so there is nowhere to go but up!
  3. Their long history does them credit. Arsenal has achieved many firsts in England. They went through a whole season undefeated and the first club to defeat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, among many others.

I could go on for a long while about why I am and always will be a Gooner, but that will take us too long. I’m sure all Arsenal fans can relate!